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If it is a big game, and if it were K-Ville, they'd show up on Saturday, staying in their tents and having pizza delivered by Coach Matt. V-Ville!!

Wouldn't that be 'L-Ville'?  How about Ick-Ville?
If it is a big game, and if it were K-Ville, they'd show up on Saturday, staying in their tents and having pizza delivered by Coach Matt. V-Ville!!

I really hope the students show up big on Saturday because Loyola is going to have over 100 students there.

Dear Students,

Please don’t embarrass this University on National TV. SHOW UP!

I hope the students show up on Sunday.
Valpo Basketball / Re: Possible Missouri Valley Conference Expansion
« Last post by VUGrad1314 on Today at 01:17:13 PM »
So Wright State they of only two NCAA appearances ever was NKU back in the AMCU days? Man that's definitely food for thought.
Valpo Basketball / Re: Possible Missouri Valley Conference Expansion
« Last post by valpo84 on Today at 12:54:55 PM »
Murray State has a history of solid D1 performance. NKU has had 2 good seasons after preparing to join D1.  Wright State entered the AMCU with similar first couple years of performance with experienced teams.  The key question for NKU is can they sustain for 5-10 years, especially when this coach leaves because they had a couple of good years.  The jury is out on them despite the amount of resources they have poured into their athletic programs.  They have a nice arena that UCin is using this year while the Shoe is being remodeled.  Be careful of fast rising D2 programs with no sustained D1 success, they often come crashing back after the first few years.
Valpo Basketball / Re: Possible Missouri Valley Conference Expansion
« Last post by VUGrad1314 on Today at 12:28:46 PM »
KenPom has Murray State and Northern Kentucky both ahead of all MVC teams. Belmont is third just behind Loyola. Still think these are bad additions?
Valpo Basketball / Re: Where in the world is/was
« Last post by agibson on Today at 12:27:57 PM »
Alec Peters was 1-4 , all 3-pointers, totaling 3 points last night vs. the Pacers

In 16 minutes. Serious minutes two games in a row; impressive! They play again tonight at Portland, 9 PM Valpo time.

Alec didn't play for the Phoenix Suns Tuesday. They play again tonight. There was some fan chatter on Twitter Tuesday about his cheering from the bench, and about the experiment with him as the backup 4 was apparently over.

We'll see.

Apparently he's still up with the team. The NAZ Suns played last night. Just an eight man roster in the box score, with no mention of Alec.
We need to start a winning streak!  No place better than home!

Valpo   74
Loyola  67
Valpo Basketball / Re: NCAA College Basketball Talk
« Last post by VU2014 on Today at 11:12:48 AM »
I'm very happy to be in the MVC and I don't think I'll ever want Valpo to go back to the HL or SL. It's just a losers mentality to me.

Exact same thinking that SLU uses to stay in the A10 as of now and not move back to the MVC. They truly hope they can improve to the BE but the Billikens realize they are not near that quality of a program and will need to build up to that quality. As will Valpo have to build up to the quality of the MVC.

I get your point but it's a bit of a different situation. The MVC is much closer in level of competition to the A10 then the HL is to the MVC. (A10 is still has a few more higher end teams then the MVC but MVC has a better RPI this season). Plus the geography is just much more suitable to the MVC for them. Their closest "rival" is Dayton who is 400 miles away. There are natural rivals in the MVC. If I'm the Big East I'd rather have Dayton then SLU. SLU offers a new TV market but the BE's games are already on nationally televised on FS1 anyways and it's not like SLU has as many fans as a Missouri or something.

I think Valpo has been good enough to always be in the MVC the last 7 years and even during different stretches in the last 20-25 years or so but we are in "rebuild", after graduating 3 pros. I honestly think Valpo's previous 2 team teams would put a whooping on many of this season MVC teams and would have a great shot to win the league. People need to stop being prisoners of the moment with this current team struggling, largely do to youth and inexperience (and losing Joe Burton midseason).

We need the coaches to land more stud recruits and continue to develop this young group. After this season we'll have a great opportunity with having 2 upperclassmen 7 footers & Fazekas coming in.
Valpo Basketball / Re: NCAA College Basketball Talk
« Last post by valpo84 on Today at 11:11:17 AM »

25+ win seasons in the HL with tournament 50% of the time...

21 win seasons in the MVC once up to speed, tournament every 5 years...

How long until we are mired in mediocrity?  That being said, higher ceiling YES.  Huge risk YES.

Just a quick comment on this.  Evansville was never in the Horizon.  It was in the old MCC (Midwestern Cities Conference), which was a multi-bid league for many years and had some of the best basketball in the Midwest during the mid-late 1980s thru about early 1990s.  It then broke apart with teams going to the new Horizon League (with poached AMCU-8 schools Green Bay, Milwaukee, Wright State, CSU), and some going other places like E-Ville to the MVC, SLU to the Great Midwest/Conf USA.  Maybe E-ville should have went with the HL, but those teams of the late 80s/early 90s were really good.  Jim Crews was the head coach through that era, and in 88-89 they had a young Chris Mack (who would later transfer to X), Scott Hafner, Olaf Blab (yes, uwe's brother), in 91-92 they had Parrish Casebier averaging 25 and Scott Shreffler who was one of the better all-around guards in those days who started for 4 years, and 92-93 had Parrish and Scott. Scott also appeared in Blue Chips (like Shane Hammink's Dad).  The MCC was one of the most competitive leagues around and we went to a lot of X games during that period along with the conference tourneys held at Dayton.  Dayton, X, SLU, EVille, Detroit, Loyola all had outstanding players, teams and coaches.  X was running off multiple NCAA bids with guys like Larkin, Ty Hill, Derek Strong, Jamal Walker etc.  Butler was in the conference and rebuilding (later with Barry Collier as coach).  So, Eville's issues aren't all because it moved to MVC.  So, I'm not sure that is the strongest comparison to where we are now or will be.  We need to be competing against like minded schools that helps raise our competitiveness.  Remember there were a lot less D1 schools in those days too.
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